Pauline O’Reilly


Spokesperson for Education and Higher Education.

My vision for Galway West

A clean, green Galway with sustainable housing and infrastructure, a healthy environment, transport that works, and real choice in education for our children.

What I stand for

Care:  As a society, too often we fail to listen to the voices of carers and parents. I stand for really hearing our children and vulnerable adults.

Sustainability : I stand for a sustainable energy future, where our power is owned by our communities. I’m for well designed housing and infrastructure for Galway.

Education : I believe in real choice in the way we educate our children.

My priorities

  • Environment: The time has come to have a strong voice in Galway for sustainable development, safe green spaces and a healthy environment for our children. Ireland is being left behind in the global race for renewables and risking big EU fines for our carbon emissions. We need real energy reform and support for the new industries of solar and wind energy.
  • Transport: We need to implement a strong policy on transport, including frequent buses and more rail. As the city grows, we need to combat traffic congestion with the pathways and facilities to make cycling a real option for more of us. We need greenways to improve the liveability of our towns and villages, as well as making Galway a more attractive tourist destination.
  • Housing: Well designed, properly planned housing and infrastructure can make life better for all of us.
  • Education options: Galway is the most diverse city in an increasingly diverse Ireland. We need more inclusive, multi-denominational options in education.

My experience

Currently a stay at home parent to my children Finn and Cara, I’m a qualified solicitor who works extensively with local and national community groups. I am the Green Party spokesperson for Children and Youth Affairs.


Latest activities

28th February 2022

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15th February 2022

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11th February 2022

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4th February 2022

#CountHerIn: ‘More Women Day’ highlights need for more women in politics

28th January 2022

Senator Pauline O’Reilly elected vice-chair of Select Committee on Gender Equality

24th January 2022

Significant increase in funding of €289m secured for walking and cycling infrastructure by Green Party Minister Eamon Ryan

19th October 2021

Green Party Senators call for multi-faceted, catchment-based solutions to flooding

12th October 2021

Access to free contraception will give young women control over their own bodies and lives, say Greens

1st October 2021

Green Party to host public event to discuss free contraception for young women ahead of Budget 2022

23rd July 2021

‘We have no time to waste, now the real work begins’ says Green Party as Ireland’s historic Climate Bill signed into law

16th July 2021

Green Party’s ambitious Climate Bill to be signed into law after passing final stages in Oireachtas

28th June 2021

Solar-powered electricity will be easier and cheaper for public buildings and farms with Green Party bill

18th June 2021

Green Party bill will make solar-powered schools a reality

3rd June 2021

‘Government must now prioritise investment in family life over cars’, says Senator Pauline O’Reilly

4th May 2021

Green Party launches roadmap for improved maternal care in post-Covid Ireland

21st April 2021

Ireland to become leader on world stage as Green Party brings Climate Bill to the Dáil

19th April 2021

Green Party motion calls for recognition of access to clean water as a human right

31st March 2021

We must remember our ‘obligations as a service to the people in our society’ – Senator O’Reilly

23rd March 2021

Ambitious Climate Bill is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for Ireland

22nd March 2021

Green Party calls for recognition of clean water as a human right

1st February 2021

Green Party calls for Lá Fhéile Bríde/Brigid’s Day to be made a public holiday

18th December 2020

Greens welcome strong cross-party consensus on climate in committee report

15th December 2020

Green Party calls for roll out of free access to contraception

6th October 2020

Greens: Mistakes in the Calculated Grades cannot be brushed under the carpet

25th June 2020

Meet our Newest Councillors

2nd June 2020

Green Party stands in solidarity with US protesters

21st May 2020

Brexit talks must not risk essential protections

21st May 2020

Irish Aid must continue to be supported

30th April 2020

Green Party News

14th April 2020

Healthcare is playing second fiddle to debt repayments in developing countries, Ireland must lead – Greens

3rd April 2020

Greens call for clarity from Fine Gael on Orban

2nd April 2020

Green Party nominees Pippa Hackett and Pauline O’Reilly elected to the Seanad

9th March 2020

People isolated because of Covid 19, and those caring for them, need to be compensated – Greens

2nd March 2020

Pauline O’Reilly, Pippa Hackett, and Saoirse McHugh are Green Party nominees for the Seanad

19th December 2019

Flooding before high tide reveals an increasing risk from climate change to Galway – Greens

8th October 2019

Budget 2020 does not address poverty for families – Greens

7th October 2019

Green Party Cathaoirleach election 2019 – two candidates go forward

4th September 2019

One parent families facing uphill childcare battle – Greens

3rd September 2019

Provisions for childcare must include unpaid carers – Greens

24th July 2019

Children first not business first: Greens

9th July 2019

Amend ‘women in the home’ article to support caring work: Greens

4th March 2019

‘Women in the home’ referendum delayed indefinitely: Greens

27th February 2019

Pregnant women need compassionate care not compulsory breath tests, say Greens

14th February 2019

State funded childcare needed to stem creeping inequality: Greens

6th December 2018

Greens Welcome Decision to Amend Article 41.2

29th November 2018

Greens: Childcare Costs Rise Despite Investment

19th November 2018

Greens: A Nuanced Approach to Children and Families is Needed

10th October 2018

Green Party Says Childcare Plan Lacks Cohesion

5th September 2018

Martin: Give ‘Women in the Home’ referendum its deserved Oireachtas scrutiny

28th August 2018

Greens: Children not companies are the major stakeholders in childcare decisions

21st August 2018

Greens: Parents, not Minister Ross, best placed to decide on childcare for their families

18th July 2018

Improved rail services key to West’s development

4th July 2018

Article 41.2 – Amend, Don’t Delete

7th June 2018

O’Reilly: Expert Childcare proposals lack vision