Minister of State Malcolm Noonan

Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform

My vision for Carlow – Kilkenny

I would like to see thriving rural and urban sustainable and inclusive communities across Carlow and Kilkenny, collaborating towards common goals of interdependence.

What I stand for

I stand for integrity and honesty in politics. I stand by the principles of social justice, equality and support for ecological and inclusive communities where the challenges and opportunities we face are shared collectively and collaboratively.

My Priorities

These are my main priorities as a Green political and community activist:

  • An integrated rural and urban network of inclusive public transport and an ambitious plan for a modal shift towards walking and cycling in urban centres.
  • Kilkenny as a Centre of Creative Design and Making with a Third Level Commercial Creative Arts College.
  • Good quality training and employment opportunities for young people within the South-East region.
  • Heritage led regeneration of our towns and villages that also address our housing needs through sustainable urban living.

My Experience

I was appointed Minister for State for Heritage and Electoral Reform in July 2020 having served as a Green Party City and County Councillor in Kilkenny since 2004, serving as Mayor of Kilkenny in 2009. Before entering politics I spent twenty years as a community and environmental activist with Friends of the Earth. My academic background is in rural development and I campaign on issues ranging from natural and built heritage, transport, young people’s issues, integration and social inclusion to participation in the arts. I have contributed to European urban built heritage policy and have a particular interest in the conservation and economic development of Irish towns and village. I contested the Carlow-Kilkenny Bye-Election in 2015 and the General Election in 2016 before winning the seat in February 2020.

Latest activities

28th February 2022

“Nature is our first and best line of defence against the catastrophic effects of climate change” – Minister Malcolm Noonan

4th February 2022

Town Centre First policy will ‘empower communities to create towns and villages we want to live in’

4th February 2022

#CountHerIn: ‘More Women Day’ highlights need for more women in politics

2nd February 2022

‘We need the public’s voice at the heart of the national response to the biodiversity crisis’ – Minister Malcolm Noonan

13th October 2021

Minister Noonan reaffirms Ireland’s commitment to ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework at UN Biodiversity Conference

1st October 2021

Ireland joins commitment to largest high seas Marine Protected Area for seabirds in history

15th September 2021

Green Ministers launch community volunteer programme and announce new funding for blanket bog conservation

12th August 2021

Healthy ecosystems the ‘best line of defence’ as EPA reports warmer temperatures, increasing greenhouse gas concentration and rising sea levels

30th June 2021

Green Party MEP calls for the largest act of marine protection in history

26th April 2021

Minister Noonan triggers emergency response to devastating fire in Killarney National Park

26th March 2021

Green Ministers launch ambitious new All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

8th March 2021

Green Party calls for greater support for women in politics as Councillor resigns due to family commitments

5th March 2021

Public consultation launched as National Parks and Wildlife Service Review gets underway

3rd March 2021

Green Party celebrates World Wildlife Day with mural honouring Ireland’s native species

17th February 2021

Green Party launches vision for Moore Street

2nd February 2021

Green Ministers welcome €10m European funding on World Wetlands Day for new Peatlands and People project

27th January 2021

Green Party welcomes publication of Marine Protected Areas report as important step towards protecting Ireland’s waters

23rd January 2021

Green Ministers join forces to Conserve the Curlew

26th November 2020

Greens welcome EU Ban on use of Lead Shot in Wetland Areas

25th November 2020

EPA REPORT – Ministers say Greens in government can turn crisis around

19th November 2020

Statement from Green Party Ministers Noonan and Hackett on the Meenbog bog slide

10th November 2020

Green TDs welcome ‘historic’ funding for Waterford through Urban Regeneration and Development Fund and NTA

15th October 2020

Minister Noonan welcomes a 51% increase in heritage funding in Budget 2021

13th August 2020

Minister of State for Heritage, Malcolm Noonan TD, on Heritage Week

2nd July 2020

Three new Green Ministers announced

23rd June 2020

Greens urge local communities to act on findings of the Town Centres Living pilot project

28th May 2020

Local Authorities need to lead off on opening up plans for towns

21st May 2020

Introducing Malcolm Noonan TD

19th May 2020

Greens call for disused public buildings to be repurposed as innovation and incubation hubs

18th May 2020

Greens call on individuals, families and communities to engage in ‘Citizen Science’ on National Biodiversity Week

8th May 2020

Greater financial supports needed for farm families

30th April 2020

Green Party News

21st April 2020

Allotments and Farmers’ Markets need to be designated as essential services

16th April 2020

Death of two healthcare workers in Kilkenny is tragic – Greens

3rd April 2020

Mental wellbeing of frontline workers needs to be resourced – Greens

24th March 2020

Greyhound and horse racing meetings behind closed doors should be shut

18th December 2019

Greens welcome new bus routes in Kilkenny

12th December 2019

Systematic failure has led to deterioration in Water Quality – Greens

28th November 2019

Greens call for a robust regulatory regime for quarries following RTE Investigates programme

14th November 2019

Green Party critical of ‘anti-democratic’ Planning Bill

29th October 2019

New climate charters are welcome but councils are ill-prepared for challenges ahead – Greens

2nd October 2019

Biodiversity Data Centre needs long term funding security – Greens

27th June 2019

Take money from greyhound racing and give it to animal welfare and environmental groups: Greens

11th June 2019

Greens call for universal standard of transparency and openness in Local Government

1st May 2019

Every place matters in the effort to tackle climate change: Greens

23rd April 2019

Greens propose establishment of dedicated Climate Action Committee in every Local Authority

20th February 2019

Greens urge Local Authorities to leave areas wild for pollinators

4th February 2019

Greens give cautious welcome to proposals for directly elected Mayors

30th November 2018

Local Communities Must Be Given More Power to Halt Economic Decline

29th November 2018

Green Party Questions Opening of Morning Greyhound Racing in Kilkenny

12th November 2018

Greens Urge Government to Extend Vacant Sites Levy Process

1st November 2018

Ireland Can Take Collective Community Action to Halt Biodiversity Loss

24th October 2018

Maintain Jobs and Kickstart the Midlands Energy Transition

18th July 2018

Kilkenny designates Black and Amber Garden Bumblebee as County Insect

30th June 2018

Noonan: Heat-wave exposes the short-sightedness of Water Charge abolition

19th June 2018

Noonan: Illegal dumping ‘nothing short of environmental treason’

28th May 2018

Noonan calls for restrictions on posters following Repeal campaign

16th May 2018

Noonan: Local Authorities failing in accountability and transparency

15th April 2018

Noonan: Scenes at Public Meeting not reflective of an inclusive Kilkenny

4th April 2018

Greens call for community-led response to Syrian refugee intake